Daniel Fox

Photographer, Videographer, Storyteller

My earliest experience with anything camera related was using my mother's camera to take pictures of animals. Back then I was using a film camera which gave me a better respect for getting the shot I wanted. It wasn't as user friendly as it is now. After that I took to theater and acting. Then to english and writing. Then came my obsession with films and filmmaking.  I was back to working with cameras. 

From there it came full circle. My passion for film and photography has lead me here. To my own website and my own business. The number one thing I try to keep in all my projects (photos or videos) is storytelling. People love stories. Love the escape. Love the twists and turns. Above all, love the moral that every story comes with. My hope is to deliver that moral when I pick up a camera and start a new project. 


fox360100@gmail.com / 781-243-1714    @dfox360

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